Running For Beginners

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Running For Beginners Running for beginners should be fun but it can also be challenging. This week I have been thinking of what are some simple fundamentals that beginners can follow to better their efforts. It is easier for advanced level runners to know the basics of training but I can’t expect a beginner to […]

How To Achieve Zen Running For Effective Results

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Zen Running Zen running is what every runner should strive for.  I have been fascinated with anyone who specializes in any discipline and does it extraordinarily well. I began my interest in the study of mental zen training when I was a teenager. The first sport I participated heavily in was Tae Kwon Do, not running, […]

How To Run Better

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How to run better What a waste of time to worry about how you are going to perform. You spend countless hours putting in miles, workouts and long runs. Why do this to yourself. Let go of the worry and grab hold of what you can control. Listen, the person who says you must run […]

7 Running Workouts To Help You PR

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running workouts What are some running workouts that truly work? It is a question that many people will answer in different ways. One of the best ways to improve your running is to continue to implement different running workouts into your weekly training routine. The old saying, if you keep doing what your doing, you […]