18 Tips To Run Faster And Set A New PR

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8 thoughts on “18 Tips To Run Faster And Set A New PR

  1. your welcome Andrew, glad you got something out of it because it is essential you take it to heart with your own goals..not enough people take the time to inspire us to do things we feel are impossible. More of it is simply do as your told, follow this path and you will succeed. What ever happened to following your own path..always remember it is your life and you only have one, lives yours, not theirs.

  2. Good read.. How much attention do you pay to your watch in a marathon with regards to miles ticking by etc. do you have a gameplan of what you expect to go through 10k, 10 mile, half etc or do you just run to ‘how you feel?’

  3. Thanks Paul. When I ran my marathon best of 2.19.35 I didn’t even wear a watch. I didn’t even know what pace we were on. All I knew is I wanted to not go out too fast (hit the mile at 5.32) and try to catch the leaders by mile 5. I caught the lead Kenyans at mile 5, passed 10 miles at (51.26) and it just went from there. I can assure you had I been paying attention to mile splits that day I would have mentally been concerned that I was going too fast which I was that day (passed 20 miles still on 5.11 per mile pace) with a 2.08 kenyan marathoner (Laban Moiben) and another 2.12 guy (John Kathoga).

    I think racing on feel is important. You can focus a lot on splits and heart rate in training but race day its game on. You have to practice knowing what your body can and cannot handle in training so that when you do get into the race any increases in pace can be managed.

  4. exactly wynn..this is certainly not an easy sport, especially when specific time goals and losing weight come into play..wouldn’t be fun without a challenge.. Thanks.