Training Program For Half Marathon Runners

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Training program for half marathon

The Sub 2 Hour Half Marathon Manifesto is a training program for half marathon runners seeking to run below 9.09 per mile pace for 13.1 miles

Are you one of the those runners?

If you are than I want to tell you this, you have come to the right

I firmly believe that all runners need is someone to believe in what they do, to tell them that they too, have the potential and ability and to not only break 2 hours for the half marathon but to be great at what they do.

Hard work over talent

There is a misconception within our running community.

You need to be a sub-60 minute half-marathoner and at least be able to break 2.10.00 to gain any interest from a major shoe company like Nike, Reebok or Adidas.

Some of our best marathoners ever here in the United States were not stand out runners in high school or in college.

One runner that comes to mind is Brian Sell. He went on to run 2.10 for the marathon at the Boston marathon and made the 2008 USA Olympic Marathon Team that competed in Beijing.

Now I realize your goal may not be to be an Olympian but you do want a training program that is going to show you exactly what you need to do in order to run a faster half marathon.

The Sub 2 Hour Half Marathon Manifesto

If you are seeking a training program for half marathon runners that shows you what most runners are doing wrong and how to do it better I strong encourage you to visit the Manifesto web site and give it a consideration.

Common Mistakes Runners Mistake

1. Too much mileage run at far too slow of paces.

It does you no good to run 100 mile weeks and 99% of your miles are run above your goal half-marathon race pace.

You are running high volume for high volume sake and not getting closer but farther away from your half marathon goal.

It isn’t that runners don’t have the talent or ability to run a fast half-marathon but that they just need to re-direct their focus away from what isn’t working and put all of their attention toward what will work. at goal race pace.

Let’s say you have as your goal to run a half-marathon under 1.30.00.

What does that entail?

You must be able to sustain 6.52 per mile pace for the 13.1 miles. No breaks or recoveries in between. How is doing 20 mile runs at 8.30 pace going to assist you in doing that?

Think about it, you do not want to go into a half-marathon feeling overwhelmed and concerned over trying to hit 6.52 per mile pace.

Focus your pace

Renato Canova, one of the world’s top distance running coaches said it best,

“It is better to do 16 miles at goal race pace then to go out and slog through a 24-mile long run that does nothing to get you closer to your goal’

It took me from 2002 to 2007 to fully understand the above statement.

I spent the majority of my training and time running at paces that were not getting me closer to my marathon goals and it didn’t help me preparing for half-marathons either.

It wasn’t until I began implementing training at half-marathon to marathon goal race pace that I started to make enormous gains in my training and racing. So ask yourself this question.

Quality over quantity

Am I doing what I need to do in order to run the way I truly want to run?

If you have any hesitation or doubt that you are not doing everything then read on.

A training program for half marathon runners or for any distance for that matter must point runners into a new direction, a new way of training.

You may not have been told often enough that you need to train at the pace you want to race at but I am telling you now, you must.

The better you can equip yourself to handle race pace the easier and more controlled you are going to feel in the race and more you will be able to react when someone makes a move on you.

3. exceed goal half-marathon race pace.

Think of what your goal half-marathon race pace is going to feel like if you train your body to handle paces 30 seconds to a minute faster then the pace you want to race at?

What is goal half-marathon race pace going to feel like than?

Workouts you can do to make your goal half-marathon race pace feel more controlled could be fartlek running, mile intervals run at a minute faster then goal half pace, doing repeat 200m-1000m hill sprints forcing you to train at and enhance your Anaerobic Capacity.

This is performing at speeds at 100-107% of your maximal effort.

run faster then goal pace

It is running at speeds that far exceed the pace at which you want to race at in your half-marathon.

In addition, some other great workouts to do to enhance your half marathon effort is doing longer duration runs at 10 seconds per mile faster then your goal half-marathon race pace.

Examples of workouts like this would be doing 2×3 miles at 10 seconds per mile faster then your goal half-marathon pace.

My current best for the half-marathon is 1.07.06 (5.07 pace).

What I would do if I were training for a half-marathon is do 2×3 miles on the road (or track) at 4.57 pace with a 1 mile jog recovery.

I always like to lengthen the duration of the time spent running fast.

I may, a few weeks down the road, aim to lengthen this workout to 2×6 miles at goal half-marathon race pace. What does that give me?

12 miles run at 4.57 mile pace. That will create lasting effects come race day. Too much mileage run above race pace will not, always remember that.

It isn’t the amount of mileage you do, it is what you are putting into the mileage. Are you pushing your pace? Are you recovering? Are you doing the little things along the way that truly matter.

You can’t just sit back and wonder about your attack plan. It would be like wanting to go to a big city yet not even looking at the map to figure out how to get there.

Find a coach

You have to have a coach that cares, a route of successful entry that is going to get you closer to your goal.

This is what the best runners in the world do and what the authority coaches in our sport teach.

You want to gradually extend the amount of time you are spending at or below your goal half-marathon pace.

Now that we have covered this can you see how training at your goal race pace or even exceeding the pace at which you want to race at can enhance not only the way you feel but create a breakthrough in your future half-marathon performances?

Your potential is endless.

Don’t self-sabotage yourself into believing you don’t have any genetic gifts, not talent.

Not true. It is about using the talent you do have to the utmost of your ability.

Let the others who haven’t done their homework like you doubt, worry and concern themselves over areas of training that they really don’t even need to.

Balance your training

Running slow too often is not going to bring out the best in you and it will not produce the confidence you need in a training program for half marathon runners.

If you are seeking a half marathon plan that works and was created by a runner who has been in your shoes, has suffered defeats and setbacks as well as conquered the so-called ‘impossible’ goal of qualifying for the Olympic Trials with little to no talent, then the sub 2 hour half-marathon manifesto may be for you.

I wish you success and new personal bests in your future half-marathon racing pursuits. You have it in you!

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