Universa | 1000x Faster Than Bitcoin




Universa coin is, like many other cryptocurrencies, never a guarantee but I am all for taking risks.

We all live life once (that we know of) and bitcoin was once sold for pennies.

Someone took the chance back in 2009 and start buying them and we now know that they are selling for over $11,000 at the time of this writing.

What makes universa coin any different.

Blockchain is what makes it different.

No more bank involvement.

Few people today in 2017 know much about cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin was the first getting their start in January of 2009.

Why Universa

One of the biggest turn on for me was the fact that it is 1000 times faster than bitcoin but also 100 times cheaper.

You can purchase universa for $0.125 per coin right now during their ICO (initial coin offering).

People lost their opportunity to invest in Facebook, the dot.com era, Twitter and other top brand such as Amazon.

Anyone can spend $50 on a few universa coins with little to no risk whatsoever.

What does anyone have to lose.

I don’t know what the percentage of runners in America or around the world that have any interest whatsoever in cryptocurrencies but am assuming some do like me.

If you have an entrepreneurial mindset like I do you’ll want to take risks.

Someone took a risk on purchasing litecoin (selling for over $100 each), etherium (over $500 at the time of this writing) and of course, bitcoin (selling at just over $11,000 currently).

I’m interested to see how high universa will be 3 years from now and the fact that I took a risk in buying some.

You can too by visiting their website.

Give it a shot.

There will be naysayers always.

Don’t invest in things that are “risky”.

Be conservative.

Be realistic.

Play it safe.

These were the same types of opinion and mindset I heard over the years training for marathons.

I once had a 2:16:00 marathoner tell me that I should quit while I was still “only” a 2:43:36 marathon specialist.

All I know is I would have never ran 2:19:35 for the distance had I listened to that man.

Life is short and we should be taking some chances.

Is universa a great investment?

Time will tell.

Consider checking out their website and learning more about their blockchain technology which is far better than bitcoin and other top coins like litecoin and etherium.

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