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I have had for going on 6 years and sharing vasayo products with my readers is probably one of the best things I could do.

I write that because the majority of my readership is men and women from around the world who value nutrition, health and wellness. There is a good probability that many of them take multi-vitamins as a part of their daily training regimen. As someone who, also, takes vitamins daily this might be something of interest.

What makes the vasayo product line different is the fact that they contain an advanced delivery system called liposomal technology. A lot of runners have never heard of this nor did I until recently. Liposomes are tiny spheres filled with nutrients that help them survive the body's digestive process.

The majority of vitamins and nutritional supplements people are taking today are a complete waste of money. I write that because the minerals and nutrients we need simply are not absorbed and depart the body via waste.

Vasayo was founded by Dallin and Karree Larsen, two highly respected network marketing professionals who know how to build successful companies. They created another wildly successful company called Monavie which went on to generate over $3.7 billion dollars in global product sales.

Why Vasayo and Why Now?

The biggest reason is timing if you are interested in starting your own business. Most employees have been taught how to rely on only one source of income, their paycheck.

The problem with that is if they get sick or cannot work guess what happens to their pay? Right. It stops coming in, at least for most employees working regular 9 to 5 jobs.

Vasayo products are not only a healthy, all-natural, organic option for your nutritional supplement needs but sharing them with others can help you to become financially independent.

Vasayo's microlife nutritionals are not only a wise decision in terms of the fact they help absorb nutrients up to 90 percent more effectively but also the business opportunity that comes from sharing these microlife nutrition products.

Few employees have been taught how to build residual income. They do know how to work hard, for long periods of time despite not getting paid that much. More and more people today are spending longer hours in the office or in their cubicle in the rat race. They are working extremely hard but never seem to get ahead financially.

Did you know 74% of the American population is living paycheck to paycheck to paycheck in supposedly the richest country in the world? This is a startling fact.

The 5 Microlife Nutritional Products

Vasayo just launched for business in Canada and the USA on 3 January 2017. They had over $10 million dollars of pre-product sales within the first week alone.

There 5 vasayo products currently selling throughout North America are Microlife Renew, Microlife Energy, Microlife Sleep, Microlife Core Essentials and Microlife Neuro.

Let's take a brief look at each one.

Microlife Sleep

There are millions of people who suffer from difficulties falling asleep. People worry and fret over things that usually never even happens. They are stressed from work responsibilities, worries about measuring up to the boss, paying bills and other non-sense that makes like, which should be thoroughly enjoyed, strained.

Vasayo has done a wonderful job in the fact that they have finally helped deliver a sleep product that is going to pack some punch. Did you know that 63 percent of adult Americans suffer from some form of sleep deprivation? All products vasayo makes are organic, vegan, GMO-free and contain no additives or preservatives.

The superior bioavailability that comes from Vasayo's proprietary liposomal technology drastically improves the nutrient delivery capability of micro life products.

The vasayo sleep micromist contains all-natural ingredients such as melatonin which works with your body's circadium rythms to help you stay calm and relaxed and fall peacefully to sleep. People that have been found to have sleep issues have also been found to have low levels of melatonin. Sleep mist by vasayo has worked to improve the statistics for people who want to get more peaceful rest.

Additionally it contains GABA also known as gamma-amino butyric acid which is a neurotransmitter that works to calm the brain down and help you to reach deep sleep levels in order to get sound rest. Furthermore, it also has NAC also known as n-acetylcstein which works to product higher level of glutathione in the body which works to detoxify the brain.

Microlife Energy

Micro life energy works to sustain energy in the body. Vasayo energy micromist has to harsh stimulants and will not leave you with a crash or jitters like other worthless energy drinks and supplements.

It works to improve and heal your adrenals. Harsh energy products and stimulation can lead to your adrenals becoming fatigued. Adrenals are crucial hormoes that govern bodily metabolism and governs brain function.

Energy micromist also works to maintain a healthy circulatory system and cardiovascular health.

Vasayo products work because they high percentage of absorption ensures it is so. Energy works to support blood flow as well as oxygenation to ensure your metabolism is working at optimal levels.

The energy vasayo product contains the following ingredients:

gurana extract (natural caffeine)

green tea extract (antioxidant support, energy defense, increased mental performance)

maca root powder (herbal root which provides all natural energy and stamina)

rhodiola rosea (adaptogen that helps the body adapt to stress, supports fat burning and cognitive functioning)

hesperdin (citrus antioxidants that support the body's cells)

Microlife Neuro

Vasayo neuro capsules work to improve brain function. It is brain food but of the all-natural, organic, vegan, GMO-free type. It works to balance you mood, improve cognitive functioning, boost energy and enhances stress response.

There already far too many people trying to keep with the unheard of demands at their places of employment.

Vasayo products are not only incredible, healthy and organic nutritional supplements but the vasayo business opportunity is also there for people who are fed up with just getting by financially.

Nutrients are more easily delivered via micro life neuro due to Vasayo's liposome technology. Below Dr. Emek Blair and the founder of Vasayo, Dallin Larsen, discuss this advanced, revolutionary nutrient delivery system that all vasayo nutritional supplements possess.

Nuero contains the following ingredients which will help you stay focused and maintain energy levels throughout the day:

Citicoline: nutrient that raises nuerotransmitters to help control mental energy levels and mood.

Bacopa: a powerful antioxidant that promotes brain function and clarity

Ginko Biloba: a proven botanical that has been used for millennium for healthy purposes including destruction of free radicals, improved endurance and energy as well as healthy blood flow support.

Vinpocetine: an alkaloid extract that supports proper amounts of blood to the brain for optimal cognitive functioning.

Huperzine A: an extract that helps to protect acetylcholine (neurotransmitter) that enhances mental stability and capability.

Microlife Core Essentials:

If you have always wanted a multi-vitamin that actually delivers results this is one of my personal favorites. It uses Vasayo's liposomal technology to increase the delivery of minerals and nutrients to the body.

Your money isn't lost through bodily waste. Anyone who has taken a vitamin over their lifetime knows that only a small percentage of the minerals and nutrients in our vitamins are ever absorbed into the body.

This sad reality is no more thanks to core essentials. Vasayo products work to ensure your circulatory, glandular, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and nervous systems are all working ay optimal levels.

Let's face it, we as endurance athletes and fitness enthusiasts need this more than the average joe or jane. Everyone needs it but being athletes that continually bombard our bodies with stress and free radicals this is the bread and butter we all have been searching for in a vitamin.

Vasayo core essentials contain the following ingredients:

B Vitamins: work to convert fats into energy so these are critical, also defends against poor brain functioning and improves cardiovascular capability

Vitamin K: improves circulatory health and cardiovascular functioning

Vitamin D: works to keep healthy bones and teeth in good, functioning order

Selenium: Improves glandular health and defends cells

Chromium:  Supports blood-insulin function and overall health

Microlife Renew

Vasayo renew micromist works to lower unstable inflammation within the body and defend against free radical build up.

We are constantly dealing with pollutants that either come from traffic most employees constantly deal with going to and from work as well as from the skies. Vasayo products have one goal in mind, results.

All it takes anymore is to look up on a clear day and see trails of “something” constantly being sprayed. How do we defend ourselves against this pollution. A healthy diet and sleep are two good starters, renew micromist is the a great option too.

Renew works to defend against cellular degradation, supports cartilage and joint function, strengthen immune functioning and enhance mental focus and energy.

Micromist renew contains the following ingredients:

Circumin: a powerful antioxidant that helps to balance out out of control inflammation within our body. It also works to stimulate antioxidant enyzmes within our bodies.

Ginger: lowers inflammation, improves joint health and promotes cardiovascular health

Shitake Mushrooms: herbal remedy that helps improve and strengthen joints, cells and tissues.

Acai Berry: powerful antioxidant that defends the body against free radicals, supplies the body with needed nutrients and minerals and defends against aging.

I hope this overview of the vasayo products ingredients and product line has been helpful. Please take the time to visit our microlife nutrition website which bears the name of someone you might be familiar with.

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