How To Become A World Class Athlete While Working Full-Time

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World Class Athlete

What is the definition of a world class athlete?

This will be a short post but wanted to send a great article on a 2.08 marathoner.

Yuki Kawauchi works full time in Japan doing administrative work for Kasukabe Night School.

Click on his name and read this great article about a guy who is not sponsored by Nike, Reebok or any other major shoe corporation.

If you need a boost of motivation, it is great to read about Meb Keflezighi or Dathan Ritzenhein but a runner working a full time job and running even faster is even more impressive.

To gain fitness

There is power in reading about men and women who are not afforded such great opportunities as running full time and getting payed for it like those in the spotlight and still competing with the best in the world.

 What if your not a runner?

You could be a novice to the sport, a 5 hr marathoner or simply wanting to start a fitness regime to drop 10lbs.

The power in stories like this do not simply inspire.

They are a source of motivation we all need from time to time in order to get started.

If you need an additional boost of motivation.

Take a look at this great footage of Kawauchi running in the 2011 Tokyo Marathon where he broke his old marathon personal best of 2.12 to finish in 2.08.

Hope you enjoy.

Happy Holidays and blessings for big PR’s and achieved fitness goals in 2012.

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2 thoughts on “How To Become A World Class Athlete While Working Full-Time

  1. I remember this guy from This is truly motivating, having a full time job, no sponsors, and be able to do that. Goes to show, anything is possible. What goes in, comes out.

  2. Hey Kenley. Yes, he is amazing. Training full time and hitting a 2.08 marathon is incredible. You hit it right on the head, anything IS possible

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