World Global Network Compensation Plan

world global network compensation plan

World Global Network Compensation Plan

The reason I share the world global network compensation plan is because the wearable technology industry is such a massive opportunity for ordinary people.

Many, of whom, are letting it pass them by and not even realizing how much leverage they could be making in not only their health but also their finances.

Did you know that the wearable technology industry is set to become a $34 billion annual business by 2020?

World global network is the first direct selling company that has focused on wearable technology out of thousands of other companies.

It is a first in the network marketing profession.

Companies such as Toshiba is taking notice of what the world global network compensation plan has to offer.

This is a $54 billion dollar annual business and one the world over has heard of.

12 of the highest income earners in the entire direct selling profession come from world global network.

world global network products

People are making anywhere from a few extra hundred dollars to several hundred thousand dollars per month, residually.

This isn’t linear income where you have to keep showing up in order to get paid like with a job.

This is a legit and ethical way of earning residual income, income that keeps coming in for having worked hard once.

Did you know here in America 76 percent of our population are living paycheck to paycheck?

The rate of inflation and the government’s beloved income tax law robs hard working people around the world of their productivity.

Nearly 50% of employees paycheck goes to some crazy tax.

The average undergraduate college student is finishing his or her studies with, on average, $38,000 in student loan debt.

The nations student loan debt recently surpassed its credit card debt and now tops $1.4 trillion dollars.

What can be done about this?

How can college educated, highly driven, honest and hard working people be broke in the richest country in the world?

This problem isn’t just here in America but throughout the world.

What can be done?

Start using leverage.

Leverage that can be found in the network marketing profession.

Wearable technology is a massive opportunity and I truly hope that someone, somewhere, could be here in America or somewhere else in the world reads this posts and takes some action.

The importance of entrepreneurship is being passed by and only a few are taking the road less traveled and living in true freedom.

How many college graduates do you know who are broke or laden with debt?

Do you know any entrepreneurs who may have never went to college who make more in a month than some physicians make in a year?

I do.


They got started with world global network and are using leverage via the success principle of duplication.

What Makes The World Global Network Compensation Plan So Attractive?

What this company sell that makes the world global network compensation plan so attractive?

Wor(l)d’s main product is the helo smart watch.

It is a wearable technology device that monitors a wide range of bodily vital signs and comes equipped with some life saving additions.

The most attractive being a panic button that is located on the side of the watch.

You or a loved one can push the button and an immediate SOS text and e-mail message is sent directly to your guardians notifying them of your exact GPS location.

Imagine if a child, spouse, family member or friend were wearing the helo device and were in trouble, it could literally save a life.

It makes the one-time, affordable fee of $320 for the smart watch seem like pennies.

World global network has also done something unique aside from its lucrative compensation plan.

It gives each every customer unlimited 10 percent referral commissions simply for sharing the helo device, soon-to-be-released infolio phone and biozen electrosmog technology product with others.

For example, you earn $32 every time someone purchases a helo monitor using the website link world global network provides to you.

This is simply for being a customer.

Other Functions

The helo also monitors blood pressure, heart rate, step counts, blood alcohol, mood, fatigue, calories burned, features the panic button, mosquito shield and much, much more.

Below is an outstanding overview of the world global network compensation plan that will answer further questions you may have.

Further Reasons To Start A World Global Network Business

World global network also has products that are simply a smarter choice, period.

Did you know that radiation is given off the cellular phones and computers we use on a daily basis?

It is called electrosmog and yet we have no protection from it.

World global network’s biozen protection technology does exactly that providing a barrier between you and the harmful radiation that is given off by computer and cellular products.

In addition, their soon to be released Infolio phone is going to make the Apple iPhone seem like its going out of style.

Either Apple steps up and creates a phone with electrosmog protection already built in like the infolio or they will be quickly outdone.

This is a brief overview of the world global network compensation plan products and business opportunity.

If any of the above mentioned information interest you, you have interest in fitness, wellness, wearable technology and earning more money click the link below to get started.

Learn More About The Helo And World Global Network Business Opportunity


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